Thursday, April 30

♥ 34 minchun

G0t a piece of dead note which is diagnostik examination.How could it be so darn fast after we had our intervensi II.The exam is running at approximately 2weeks 2 days.oh gosh.
Yesterday was a busy day =).When to school,then rush to tuition !Get the boys to camwhore.


Nose digger.

Ah hoong;yeankang so hardworking =O



After get my tuition done.Getting to Minchun's house.

Guess what,we watch Coming Soon! Fucking scary and i screamed like hell.

Happy Sweet Seventeen Chong Min Chun!



The birthday boy

Make a wish

Look at his eye.

This is only half of the people from the party.The other half went to pasar malam.

Smiling hearts ChoongSiewChoon.

Jingyi;Birthday boy;Ben was scary .

Can you guess which one is me? =D

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