Saturday, April 11

♥ 23 Crappyy ;)

Wake up in the morning,no mr. lee class =D so when to sunway pyramied with my daddy and puisan while puiyee,cingcing and mervin go for david archuleta.Thought wanna watch fast & furious,end up didn't make it cause we were late to buy the tickets.I don't want to sit the first darn row in the cinema.So, we watched shinjuku incident.I very geram that jackie chan less fight in this movie as constructed by the director.Btw the story line for this story is very nice and meaningful.Oh crapp,alot of blood * GRRRR* it is a sad story and yeapp i admit i tear in the cinema. =O

aswin's headlines !xo; what a word -.-Some mathematical reasoning prooving =) Few more months to come and i can get over my form 5 life.How great is it.?/? I want to have car lisence!Scream.

Deep shit.Havt do my moral tugasan and kerja amal =X Don't blame me.i'm lazy

currently waiting for NIGHT AT THE MUSUEM 2!

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