Saturday, April 18

♥ 27 Unexpected Words + Loves

Sometimes u just wanna slam the door, turn on the music as loud as it can go, ignore every thoughts & emotions u have, shut your eyes, & scream on the top of your lungs.Let's the whole world hears ur pain & let them know that ur not alright. What more can i say beside i love you?It's been days and months.I'm not capable to grant everything but continue whatever i can do the most for everything included me and you.We were born together and we have this relationship together doesn't means who will be the best and be forever.All the promises made were erased and never be replaced till then.Guts tell me to do something to make him believe and stays in this love.My weakness was always stay there and how much can i tell you how i felt in all this.In the end,who is the winner?Not a winner but a pair.I've gone blank after all this.What can i do or what should i do?There is nothing much because it wasn't at the right time.All can i say is i love you and this is the promise i made for you.

I love the feeling of your gentle touch,The way your hand searches for mine.I've never felt anything such,It was like the world stopped, even time. I couldn't let go,Because your warmth and comfort secured me.You made me feel awake,Like nothing will ever happen as you stroked my hand gently.You held my hand for the entire ride,It felt so perfect and right To have you there right by my side.The darkness of the night shined so bright.You placed our hands on top of your heartAnd whispered about how much you love me.You kissed my hand slowly and promised we'd never part.It was so romantic and tender, happier I just could not be.I didn't want the moment to ever end,But when it did, you kissed my hand again.
I remember when you promised we'd be forever
I remember you playing with my hair
telling me you love me and acting like everything's OK
I don't remember you telling me it would hurt this bad
I don't remember you telling me you'd leave me the second someone better came along
I believed all your lies
I believed you loved me
I believed you really meant forever
You think i would of learned by now
I put on my make-up do my hair
And fake a smile so you think it doesn't hurt
So you think i don't care
when honestly your still all i think about

You've got me speechless, lost for words.
Where is our smiles?
Reaching the sky while i could.

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