Thursday, April 16

♥25 Stilletoooooooos !

Ok i know im crazy and kinda high because uploadedd so many pics of my favourite.I can't stop shopping!I need a new CUPBOARD,Daddy !I've been nagging about it since february because i need more spacious for my new clothing.I shop every week and i found out that my new clothes bought from last year and even last two years still hanging in my closet.Is mainly beacuse i wear most of my clothes for once then i leave it there and get a new piece =D I did bought alot shoes too,but it is NOT enough for me.

I've already has boots,gladdys and stuff but i want to get something more than that.
And my boyfriend cash will always stay with me and help me! :)
These are my truly baby ........ (:

I don't wear sneakers that often so im hoping to get something like this would be great for me!

Should i get them ?shoulddddd i?!lols.I must get my cashh.
I feel like driving too.Waiting for amy and take undang with her.

Feeling tired,
Guess what?
7.30am-1.50pm ( school )
2.30pm-7.45pm ( perijaya tuition )
8pm-10pm ( mr.lee tuition )
How great is my day today full with meeting teachers,lessons,friends,my notebook and etc.
Goodnight then,dearies

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