Friday, April 17

♥ 26 PaperLove.

Sleepy but i will not forget to post anything up for my lovely readers.Omg!! intervensi is on monday yet there is no feeling of having exams right now but enjoying my life to the fullest.
*Ada orang lupa reply my sms hari ini oh*Should i join the dance compeition with louis?Champion get RM500 better than nothing for me and i get to wear new latin dress.Fuyohh.Last two day was super funny because our frined,Mr.Alex kena cut fringe by Mr.Ikhwan.
Hulala..Congratulations,finally you have the mangkuk fringe.Lol.Whatever lahh,but i did helped him trim his mushroom fringe into a better one >.<

Tadddda....He's shy!i pin up his hair =OWhen to ballet class today as usual,long time i didnt touch my point shoe and i need a new pair >.<
I get to camwhore with my girlfriend,mich.

Baby mich.

Stretcchhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

What's Your Flavor? is updated again.Do visit us !Remember yea.

Loads of lurve,puiyannn

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