Friday, April 24

♥ 30 Feeling happy.

Intervensi DONE! let me repeat, intervensi done !I know it is nothing much different because diagnostik is coming soon. Oh no dear.I hate Exam but SPM is coming =) and i'm loving it.
Was annoyed by husni again. -.-
She gave us add math project?
i got 37/40 for my maths =D

Handphone really banned from bringing to school ! *grrr*
Once i glance i knew what is happening :)
Im happy ! yay..
I was trying to help someone kays.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day to me.
;Mr. Lee's Maths
;Ballet Adv. 1
;Ballet Technique
;FGA ! ( shizun remember to fetch your lenglui )

click it if you love them !
What should i wear tomorrow ?
I'm kinda scare of shizun's skill. Hmmm @.@
-Pictures upcoming tomorrow (:

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