Friday, April 10

♥ 22 Latte Post ;)

im not going to smkbj tomorrow.No wayyy.Going to watch fast 2 furiousss with my dad while my sis going for david archuleta concert.Nahh,im not interested with him ;D
Currently chatting with MR.AMIN SSONG;he's jumping around like a monkey.Going to change my childish layout.* Smile =/ *
-WAS damn funny when pn.loi teaching chapter 3 or 4 i think.The reproduction.

Pn Loi: Guys,tell the girls what is secondary sexual characteristic?
Guys : Hair.?/
Pn Loi : What Hair? lol.
WaiLun : puBlic hair.!!
Whole class : What?? Bulu awam.! * lmaooo *
Pn. Loi : -.- Pubic la!

So so so songgg..Yesterday skip school,tomorrow too >.<>
wailun,changsing,jason Rusting experiment!HARRS!~!! GAI BEI Catcchhheddd youuu ;P
Meet Mr. Ng Boon Kyan;Our father!Steal from his WALLET!
( after )
Bbuacckkss! ♥♥♥

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