Wednesday, April 29

♥ 33 Memories of 5B

Oh gosshh.The swine flu disease H1N1 is getting worst and im having flu.
What a bad time for me to have my flu. =(
I've got BI for 80%.yayy =D
My class went to Victoria Institution today and once again get screwed because we supposed to be back to school at 1pm but 3.30pm because of the bus driver ffk us. =( Alot of pictures from the photographer;husaini and kelvin and i'm waiting for the pictures! =)
Yesterday was a great day because 5 Bestari is Free after recess =D but early in the morning was a disaster;Spotcheck time !
Guess what we did today?
During Pn.Valsala's period,she asked us to form few groups and sing for the smoking theme.
There go me,haw,shizun,jonathan sang and wrote stupid lyrics!
Was a funny and good performance! Smokernizer;

'I've realise what's the best for me'
Whose truly love you and treat you the best.

Boon kyan was on duty for spotcheck,and ben was "emo/sien"

Caught him
He found

Who's better ? =)

Mok Kok Wai;MY beloved bro .
My Tai Kor;KongCheng.
OPPS!randy and KuanNgee. =X
Our Angel aka YapChunHaw.
KetuaDarjah;OngJovie and Jia-Wen.
Mr.Lengzai NgBoonKyan.
Mr.Ng again.
Lovely OngJovie.

That't it.I hope my flu will go away!go away from me.Stay away!


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