Friday, May 8

♥ 39 Feels =/

Loving this picture?hmmm.Where and When? =D

Seriously no time for next week examinations.I have no idea want to study about what.Where to start.Which book.Neither.Besides that,i feel weird today and moody.No reasons.By the way,i need to rest and relax but i couldn't.I'm really lost.Guess only you can bring me back.

Bahasa Malaysia: 85%
Sejarah: 70%

I need more more and more tips for exams.Anyone could help me?

It is super gay but i'm loving the music

Lipkin You SUCK =D

Now I can say that I would not careIf you were not there.Tell myself that I'll be fine without ya,but I would die if I was not around ya,and I can try to convince youI don't need to be with you,but my only thoughts are thoughts about ya,What can I do?love is like glue.There's no way to tear us a part.
i hate being stucked !I don't want to mention about it or think about it.You've know that.

Love you dear

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