Tuesday, May 19

♥ 43 Out of ways.

Today was Sivik test paper.So,right after the exam ends,mom come and bring us back.We didnt really go home.We went to times square.Krisspyy Kremeeee!
Yesterday was stupiddd.I couldn't do the bio paper 2 questions at all.So,Pn.Loi jsut stared at me and said,told you to listen in class.Owhh so sorry my dear teacher.Then i "offline" and slept.I was just tired and bored of those exam papers.I need to wait for one more week!And yeahh.Holiday bitches!We are going out =D
Tomorrow is biology and chemistry paper 3.I'm here wishing all of you goodluck and of course to my beloved one too.
We won't get lost with those hints.


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