Tuesday, May 26

♥ 48 Taggged by Germaine Leong!

Rules and regulation of the tag ;All 21 people must do unless you don't have a blog. Write the names of 21 friends you can think of in your head. And then answer the questions , Say you're guessing if you don't know , but at least guess on all of them.After doing this , tag your unlucky friends to do the same.
1.Lee Wen Qi

2.Sonia Lee

3.Eunice Lee

4.Ho Shi Zun

5.Jonathan Pravin

6.Sarah Lois

7.Kok Eu Jin

8.Amin Soong

9.Amy Chin

10.Wong Kai Sheng

11.Hew Lip Kin

12.Cynthia Choo

13.Jing Leong

14.Chun Haw

15.Amanda Yong

16.Annabel Kok

17.Choong Siew Choon

18.Yi Ling

19.Sze Hwa

20.Aswin Ang

21.Louis Goh

1.How do you meet 7?It was last year in my birthday party =)

2. What would you do if you and 15 had never met?I guess i will miss the chance knowing a little girl.

3. What would you do if 20 and 1 dated?Hahah.I have no idea =O Is that possible..

4. Have you seen 17 cried?Never.He's strong!

5. Would 4 and 16 make a good couple?Omg.I guess it was just wrong date! lmaoo -.-

6. Do you think 11 is attractive?Coughh.

7. What's 2 favourite colour?She can't live without PINK!

8. When was the last time you talked to 9?Last week =D

9. What language does 8 speak?English/Malay/Korean.

10. Who is 13 going out with?I need to ask him.He clubs >.<

11. Would you ever date 17 ?Wow..He's just my ding ding~The day would be coming.

12. Where does 18 live?Errr.Tak tauuuu =(

13. What is the best thing about 4?He is my girlfriend.A best friend can be trusted,he is kind.Yes,he does.However,searching a date for him.Haha,if i could =)

14. What would you like to tell 10 right now ?i WANT skittle. (;

15. What is the best thing about 20?Do i give a fuck?haha. =P

16. Have you ever kiss 2?Yes,i did =D i think!

17. What is the best memory you have of 5?HAHA!saying fake bad words?He don't say fuck but FORK.

18. When's the next time you're going to see 4?Tomorrow :D

19. How is 7 different from 6?6 is a female and 7 is a male ....what else?

20. Is 2 pretty?Never!!! Nahh,jk she is pretty my dear =D

21. What was your 1st impression of 15?A little GIRL?

22. How did you meet 3?Since form1. At schoollll.

23. Is 5 your best friend?Lol.A normal random friend..

24. Do you hate 12?Sometimes?I love her.

25. Have you seen 18 in the last month?Of course.Every Week if both of us at school.

26. When was the last time you saw 16?paroimia...yeahh

27. Have you been to 5's house?He has a housee?!nahh.Nope

28. When's the next time you'll see 10?On thursdayyy =)

29. Are you close to 11?I really don;t think so.

30. Have you been to the movies with 4?Soon will be.

31. Have you gotten in trouble with 8?NOPE!!~

32. Would you give 19 a hug?Why not?sure.

33. When have you lied to 3?I had never did that on her :D

34. Is 11 good at socializing?He "sweat alot" haha.

I don't know why no35. lost >.<

37. What's the best thing about your friendship with 9?I always follow her when she SCREAMS!

43. Has 21 met your parents?Yeapp.My mom likes him .lmao!

44. How did you meet 11?Tuition..

45. Did you ever accidentally physically hurt 3?Smacked her boobs ! =O

46. Do you live close to 7?Quite Far i knewww =D

47. What is 8's favourite food?He ate food?haha.tak tau.

48. What kind of car does 1 have?Toy car.Wait!No,she isn't interested into cars.

49. Have you traveled anywhere with 9?ERR.havn't! haha.Only went to her house for sushi last two years =)

50. If you give 14 a $100 , What would she / he spend it on?He will think it is just a monopoly $100,he would spend on toys?books?never for girls.

It interesting babe :D haha but i didnt manage to done it at 30mins

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