Wednesday, May 6

♥ 38 Kerja Amal/Class of 2009

The best life goes to you.
Are you going to be faithful to me?
I'm still smiling here and loving you my dear.
I don't want to screw up anything that i might lost one day.
Diagnostik next week?Wow.Great,don't need to study ~.~ Sure failed.Well,life is like this.
Oh no,add math project.Damn you Pn.H!You want me to do all my work and clean the whiteboard for you?Hell no.Bitch!We love addmaths but not you.Anyways,i skipped your class today for photo sessions =P We love to take photos.
p/s: dear eunice,pity you wasn't in this class photo,but no worries we had already retake our class photo.Remember?
We Rule *wink*



I accidentally took this picture

Happily walking
Happily done playing .

Wenqi's new haircut-fringeWell,we did kerja amal.One pair with a peralihan kid.I'm a good teacher.Sorry,i don't teach people for their own good.Muahaha.Smileeeeeeeee~

Hmm.Just got so little pictures from VI with my brothers.

Tomorrow is tuition day =D I've got moral and addmaths projects !!! Anyone done,please let me have a "look"

i love you.

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