Monday, May 11

♥ 41 Reasons of the sky is blue.

Is this me??
Or a life meant to be?
I say I love you, so true.
I know, I can't let go;of what we do, or go through..
That's a memory to me.
I know deep in me is what I keep!!
I say "I Love You" knowing this love must mean its true.
Feelings rush inside,and I want to hide.
Where this life brings me to you, where I can be next to you, too.
I know I can't change my past, but at last..
I am who I am!!
Today, Tomorrow and forever me...
Just wait you see, the one I have always wanted to be!!
Where we live a memory, of you and me
I still have my love.
Sometimes,i just hate being so deep in love with you.
I felt the difference .
You know what i meant.

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