Friday, May 15

♥ 42 Class of bestari.

heyy.i'm back from lost ! haha.Exams are not over yettt.That's not good because this coming week is all science subjects.What am i gonna do about chemistry?physics?biology? Easy.Just take my advice.Took your pen and write your name on the test paper and sleep.Done.Easy job right.I totally forgot about add maths project.I've really got no mood for it.It is just a waste of time,money and energy!

Can't wait for july! =D driving time.

As i've promised to upload VI pictures.

currently webbie-ing with Amin.
listening to Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade
Owhhh.Wai Lun,u failed to pose nicely again Bestariiianns
Pity Wai Lun*the only guy among the blue creatures.
The Boys.
The girls.
The posers.
As days passes,
I get bored and bored.
It's late midnight.
But the night is still young.
Why don't write a poem and sing a song.
It mights make you even bored.
I still miss him.
I still love him.
You know that right dear?
So no worries about the past.
People need learn from their childishness and get a life.
After all they will get bored.
Let's hold the key and unlock the voice of truth.
We know who's pretending to be one.

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