Saturday, May 2

♥ 35 Photographs.

Nahhh.Here's the picture when we are watching coming soon.WTF you guys should watch it if you love horror movie or not either.Was first watching The Fast & Furious.Then,Coming Soon.It makes us can't even get to bed.Fucking scary!darn.

Currently must have in your media player.
Soulja boy-kiss me thru the phone
Flo Rida-Sugar

Quickiieee Amin Soong.Where's my ice-cream?
Amy ! when are u going to take undang with me?my darn car reach already =D yayy.haha!

Faster ...
....Faster !
just uncontrollable.
Can you search me again in this picture?LOL~I'm more like the ghost.Rawr!

Whenever you saw all this pretty pictures which means my shopblog is updated ! * Cheers *

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Hugs and Kisses,Puiyan
my only one.i miss you.i heart you.i need you the most.

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