Thursday, May 28

♥ 49 skipped school.

Am skipped school today.
Then,me with my sis went to ts again =D lol.
Tomorrow is Teacher's Day and it is my last year of celebrating it in my high school.
Bought some chocolates for teachers.
Till then,after all the speech giving almost half of my classmate,we are going to sunway.
I have to fetch 9 humans.I meant my mom :D
I had booked 15 tickets in TGV sites,we are going for Night At The Museum 2 while only kuan ngee,pikee and charmaine go for Star Trek.Annoyed;me need to book 3 freaking times!

Oh noooo.
I havnt done my moral project!
Who said so?
i had done writing essays,decorating the pages and of course bind them!!
I want PASTA from sunwayyy tomorrow =D
somehow,they want Plaza Bbq.
listening to,
Stolen-Dashboard Confessions
I Will Be-Leona Lewis

What to wear tomorrow?!!and bring more cash$$$ to shop with Eunice =P

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