Wednesday, June 24

Blue moon

i guess you noticed that it been 2 weeks didnt online and update the blog.My com kena virus that's why.Haha.Now i'm just using the other com which is my sis one.
I'm not used to it,so i just randomly informed :)
i miss all of you.
btw i had went to undang kursus thingy with cynthia one last saturday =)
and i'm going to ponteng on this coming friday
and going for the undang test with boonchun,yowtzen and chih chin
wish me luck =)
because i still havn't study yet
i get 10A 1B;that's so fake lmaooo.
i wasn't surprised and yet i got number 6th placing in class?
can i laugh?!
stupid results * you know why * ^^

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