Saturday, June 6

♥ 54 Twinkle =D

I sick already. Feeling so sick! Damn. Fever and Flu,go away from me.That's why i couldn't go out and relax myself and shops!
Yesterday,me and my sister went to kah han house mansion.Last year was better,don't know why.Some of my friends are emo.I'm sitting at the big stairs looking at them enjoying.Some are in the karaoke's room,ps2 room,snooker room and dining room .I went up to the gym and "play" Lol.Then walk around the big house.So,im not feeling well and i went back early at 10.30pm.There are some bitches that we can't stand of their acts and behaviours.
Sometimes,we just walked away.
Stop about all this,
let's see my baby.

: Twinkle :
Please let me get cured asap. =(

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