Friday, June 12

Fast Forward Steps♥

Okay,i'm serious now!Either join the compeition or just watch them mainly because i'm super bored.At first was seeking Louis to join but he is going for a holiday.Simple,if you want to join this competition one of your partner must be a collegue.There are prizes awaiting you.
Champion is RM500 and one month scholarship at William&Luisa Danceworld.You will love being one of danceworld family included me. =D
I'm finding a partner,worst come to worst just go and watch .Lol.
If you want to tag along with me just find me! or nudge me at msn.

You can find me too for further information.Just find me via my cbox.Tickets for audience are selling fast.
Don't wait you bitch!
Listening to,
With Love-Hillary Duff

My baby twinkle

Shopping for this month is not enough!* Needed cash badly.
We see things in few perspective.
"When you crave a smile on your friends,don't ever hope what you've getting in return"

School restarting! =(
Oh goshhh.
Hugs and kisses;baby.

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