Sunday, June 28

You know i want you.

i'm back again,lack of updates?
It doesn't matter much.
I had passed for my undang ! x) * jumprollkisshugs*
I'm driving soon?
Hope that i'm going for the HELP inter-school competition next week.I want to do revision for my spm.Keep myself away from computers.Try to handle myself for shopping as well.
Suddenly i want something wildprints.That's so not me.No reasons
I had loads of tutus in my wardrobe.Not clearing them away.I just can't fit into them anymore :( goshh.Exploring,just for tutus.
Hey baby,your drug is still healthy and lovely here.No worries.
Hugs n kisses;
out of credits and spaces just for my study.
Serious and critical time.

ps:if you love spamming my cbox,why not chat with me directly.Pretty welcome ♥

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