Thursday, June 11

Pretty lines <3

Another day passes.Exams still nearer.Lol!Crap.
Reminder that tomorrow morning 10am mr.lee physics classs.
Guess most of you not attending.I brought twinkle to OUG pasar malam today with Wenqi.
Meets up with minchun and kenneth. WTF,minchun had drank more than 3 bottles of coconut drinks.Even the snow iced,he ordered coconut peach.Lol,do you have to?Now he got enough of coconuts.But i need it now!I'm thirsty,he asked me to pluck from the tree.
Later,saw something hanging! Haha WTF. Making my heart dropping out from my chest and scream till my tongue hanging.Lmaooo. LAME !
You won't be scared me off.

Finally,got photos from Kahhan.
Look at kah han now.The new look of him.He used to be chubby anf super cute and round.If you know him.You do knew it.We could changed ourself aside from appearance if we willing to work on it! Well down ,kah han !
I look damn pale and sick.Yeappp,i got sick on that day,Damn malang. =(
Kick off.
Calling Your Fucking Name!
I miss my dear.

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