Sunday, June 14

If i'm not mistaken.

The day and time had ended for us.No more long breaks after this semester.That's pretty sure cos there is nothing else i could do to make myself entertained.
`See you people tomorrow.
As a candidate for SPM,like you people facing the same boring problem again and again.
We always wish and hope for no SPM.
During this two weeks holiday,i do shop alot.Cash just ran off like this.Lol.
I prefer it is much more better than burning cash on revision books because i don't use them although i had a tons of them now!

*mom nagging me now* wtf.
She always complain about my add maths.So many tuitions,why u failed?If every one tuiton everyday like me also can't get A.So disappointed.I'm sorry,studies are just........Lol.
Yesterday,went to 1U again. =D

I not dare to buy alot of stuff.Insufficient space in my wardrobe.They need to breathe too. =)

For weeks ,my ballet shoes had arrived.I'm waiting for a red one =D nice right?
My old one had used more than 4 years.Gosh.Poor thing.
Provide a new air with more comfortable wearing it!
Love my points? Heehee

Today went to danceworld for my latin class.I learned new flakes on my jive today.I don't think u get what i mean.Lol.
Sweats everyweek.Upgraded my lifestyle to be better and healthier.But more chocolates! =)
When you love,
Is when the problem occurs,
Different phases of love life wouldn't change you much,
It built a stronger emotions between us.
We wouldn't know the exact meaning of love,
i'm sure we could feel that better than explaining it.
Pain strokes us especially our heart,
is when i love you.
Untouched part of our life;nothing much for me to continue.
For so much we had learned for our past.
We had lived with full of dignity is to prepare ourself to face the future and why do you want to let yourself stressed?
i'm not mistaken .
True colour of ourselves in every moment
We don't hope for an end.
Things happen.
Oh loves.Oh God.Save me

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