Monday, June 8


Argh.Freaking bored!Sometimes,i just prefer schooling.What else can i do besides tuitions?Oh,god! Save me.Pieces of homeworks scattered all around my floor.I still havn't go for the darn pusat latihan memandu thingy.I have not much pictures now!
Opps,my h1n1 flu still sickening me!Lucky me,fever run off.

I'm not gonna put numbers in my blog tittle anymore.No particular reasons.I just don't bother to do so. FUCK YOU %$# ! I need more cash. =D

I need new HANDPHONE! nokia E75?
CASH $$$ ! goshhhhhhhhhh. Mothhhuurrr.
Didn't it told you girls that i had updated What's Your Flavor? sorry yea.
My mistakes =P


"i say there is no darkness but ignorence"


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