Friday, July 24

Stressed | Keep you in my mind

back mr.lee
I felt like an architect =) well that's a part in my ambition list
Last week was so stressed,and yesterday our pengetua "pms-ing" luckily i tak kena :)
3 more days.....
Is the day =P
I getting love my fringe haha!looks younger for sure and i need a feathery hair band.Wait,i seriously need to cut down my shopping as there is 13 more weeks for SPM babe.
Yesterday i received an early bday present from chingbin,jiesen and shizunthey got me a black leather like converse.
Thank YOU =D
What do we do when we are free?plus my new fringe! *giggles*

Agree? Younger? lols.

ps: Don't mess with us,unless you are awesome :O



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