Wednesday, July 15

Misery Day <3

Finally i feel so relaxing *
Happy belated birthday to Mr.Lee !
Sorry,i don't known when was your birthday,but at least i had wished ya.
Two more days,it might be exciting nor pouring sorrowness.Either way,it is alright,everything is still on although im still alone on that day.

Those who had confirmed coming,thanks.I do really appreciate =D

Not suffering.

Finally,i feel secure and i smiled for so much.
Oh oh thanks jingleong and minchun for the pressie.
;my dream car =)
Alfa Romeo Spider.
I never knew so much about alfa romeo not till my dad is the owner of alfa romeo club for more than 20years,the values was got into my dream.
I will work hard for it :)
convertible~huggaaa Hugaaa!

*btw i got a ride on this car before >.Ps:Im worried of all my buddy.Please drink more water.The haze makes me feel like im at Genting Highlands.*retarded*

Baby loves.

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