Monday, July 27

Countdown :D

Guess what? :D

Coming Soon
will edit this =D
People who wished me before my exact bitrhday;
*Benjamin Tong
*Lim Ching Bin
People who wished me on my birthday right right 12am and after
1ST,Foong Chang Sing
2ND,Eunice Lee
3RD,Shi Zun
4TH,Mr.Py's love
5TH,Randy Oh
6TH,Jie Sen
7TH,Jun Yew
8TH,Pui Yee
10TH,Kai Sheng
11TH,Wen Qi
12TH;Desmond Wong
13TH,Sonia Lee
Besides that are school friends :D
pictures will be updated very soon.
Stay tuned yea,
p/s: im happy and yes im down at the same time because of some particular reason.

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