Wednesday, July 22

Black and White

It's Wednesday! ;)


I'm freaking exhausted now.Back from sri petaling home which was blackout just now.
I getting to love add maths,i know it is too late but still i learned my maths more than 3 times a month from different teachers.*im nerd* =P

What are you going to do when there's problems and you are in the middle?
I always remind myself that see things with proof and not by figuring it out without knowing the actual reasons.
I trust everyone,certain are just being humble.
I guess I will recover back very soon from encountering this.Cheer people.It is not as hard as you think.I always try to cool down and be relax whenever there is a problem.
I know who's right.I hope.

I love you too.

I felt like having a studded skirt. =D

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