Monday, July 20

Youth :)

I saw this on saturday at f21 and i'm planning to get it =)
Because i love to shopped at f21 but not all the stuff i like.
After cutting my fringe,surely will receive loads of comments.
Lol,i was so called to be younger than my sister :) sorry i'm puiyee.haha!
Well i kinda like my new fringe =P
I had bad headache today !
Really supper annoying.

I don't know who are you are telling the truth or lies.Please!If you do know anything,just inform me/get off.

my facebook got hacked! darnnn. FUCK YOU UP SIDE DOWN!
I won't create a new one unless i'm desperate for it.

No worries for those who missed out my outings on saturday,because it wasn't really my actual birthday and LOL Benjamin Tong came up to me this morning wished me Happy Belated Birthday! What's Your Problem?haha.It is next week,and yeap people stared at him.He got malu.

Jonathan Pravin sucks =) *just a lame statement from your AWESOME friend*

Till then.
I want back my facbook! BITCH.

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