Saturday, July 4

Happy 17th Birthday ChangSing!!

It was open day yesterday,everything was fine.*wipe sweat*
just that Pn.Aida go comment about me sleeping in class.My class was so kosong,like no one attend to school while other loads of students with their parents,our class mostly people come because of outgoing to times square after open day.
Look at Pik Ee masterpiece :)
The Birthday Boy.
It was open day but someone havnt hantar extra seni project.muahahah.
BoonKyan :)
Birthday boy;Changsing
Act cute pulak
On the way to ts, yenyi;pikee
Jovie;kuan ngee
and me ;)
So Sweet =D
Jom Makan
Me with the bday boy =)
WaiLun is so "HangFuk"
And then............
I get to watch TRANSFORMER!
revenge of the fallen.
It was just SYooikk :) almost 3 hours show.
Sorry,i was looking at somewhere else.
Know your eye is big @.@
Poser do POSE :P
BOON! bad photograher,it was suppose to be a nice picture.Hmmphs
Hilang,cheekit,chingbin and
Chubby fat face D=
My konon besties .
Singing time ;lalalalalalalalala....
opppps =X
Apa macam ini??
We decided to give changsing a Surprise yea.
So,i brought the cake in!happpy birthdayyy to youuuuu.
Sempat pose pun...ngek ngek
Ziyung :)
They were dancing actually;lol
Played R&B song and turn off the light and we dancedike crazy.
All blur blur.
Look at the H1N1 !stupiak.
Not enough?
There was a mirror above.
The End
ps to changsing:i post here 1st then only facebook aites.
When is my computer is going to be fixed?Oh-noo... :(
Not going to watch cheerleading at Stadium Putra because there are going to be alot of people.I do afraid of H1N1.seriously.
hugs hugs.

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