Saturday, July 4

Is it me or you?

I just back from my latin class.School day going on tomorrow.I had been going on and on the same routines.It been years.Goshhhh.
There are some spacing probs going on.What should you do when you are depress?
Synchronizing days and night.Should i burn midnight oil for my studies and let go my stress?

Searching for B.
for my coming up birthday.

Yesterday night was down with dull.Out of no where,somehow there are two idiots came to my msn contact and started to prank me.I don't know who the heck is that and he pretended to be chun kit and wei quan.That's was so stupid!
You never spam my cbox again.Urghhh.

xxx:My previous contact lens already expired.So,i decided to get other colours like baby aqua or violet but out of stock and i hate to wear spects as i always lost them.I had no choice,so i bought the fresh kon bright eye.The diameter was super big <.<
This is the result,small pupil and the lens pupil.
I was super black.
Kindly proceed to my nap now.Ta-daaa.


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