Sunday, July 12

SHOP first,love later..<3

My com havn't done repair.This is getting on my nerves,and im not happy whenever involve in love things,as usual.What's really get me up and hyper is when im into shopping for so much.Every girl loves shopping.Agree?Say yes :)
And what?

Thanks to wenqi giving me a beautiful link

which makes me crazy about their prices and their stuffs and i guess im getting some of them if i could =) depends.
due to the posting prob from cedar to kl? lol.

Im getting this tee :)

I want i want ! this maxi

Until here i will have them if i have cash $$$ and i could have them reach to msia.


Till then, good nights .One more week !!! people im so going to have fun =D yeahhh.Sorry for blogging when it is late and no one online .Im forced to,bad connection.

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