Tuesday, October 6

These words

Struggling .
Don't be fooled although you know it's hidden.
maybe im just me,it's difficult to see from the surface.

Sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,children spinning around till they fall down.I wait for you,it's been few hours now,you're still somewhere in town,your dinners getting cold.I rest my case you are always this late and you know how much I hate waiting around and round,bitter heart tries to keep it all inside,shadows will help you try to hide,heart is getting just a little fragile.And then you come and tell me the same reason as you did yesterday,so tell me whats about her?

She's not the one,she always left behind.It's unfair but it's fate,because everyone wanna be ya.She's just has not enough of it.Not as brilliant and good as you.Can you just forget it and remember what have you've done to ruin your old haunted times?Yes,she know.Why do you want to do so?Do you wanna try how it's feel?Nothing you can do other than all this.I guess the neurotransmitter send wrong info :]
Alright,take care.
i wish most of you goodluck,i know it is a hard time.
Why are most of you going away?how about me? :(
ps:Sometimes she might be a lil silent and hide things,but she own a heart too fil will feelings.

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