Sunday, October 11

Make Up For Ever

Today went to latin class then enter the Make Up For Ever Course,Just Dance magazine was there too.Do buy the next issue :) Got my mini face in the photos.
Nagging for SPM :O
Suzzane,Shu Er
My drawing better :P
Ignore me holding the cupcakes
Where is the land I come from?
Who lives where I was born?
Why do my memories start with a storm?
What if I have a family !
Somewhere beyond the sea?
Could there be someone there missing me?
Tell me why I’m not sleeping and my heart is leaping inside me
Could this be one of those times when your feelings decide?
Why does he look through circles?
Why does he hide his feet?
Why do I feel so shy when we meet?
Is this the tree he sleeps in?
What can he see from there?
Could there be new horizons to share?
All these questions keep turning and churning and burning inside me
What are these feelings I feel when he’s here by my side?
I need to know these answers
I need to find my way
Seize my tomorrow Learn my yesterday
I need to take these chances
Let all my feelings show
Can’t tell what’s waiting
Still I need to go
I need to know :)

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