Friday, October 30

Graduation babe :)

Cheeze :D
Smk Bukit Jalil,we had our graduation day yesterday full with memories :) All girls need to wear baju kurung and guys just formal.I didn't get to grab my camera along :( but i got lots of pictures from facebook,bunch of my friends.

Graduate with my father =P

Kasturi's boys LOL.
Ruindra's so strong !
Leng zai ooo.

Bad faces in all the picture because i'm really tired for this few days.
I adore your smile from time to time in at every moment i see you :)
When you asked your friend whether she's alright or to cheer her up by texting her or directly asked,how could i answer no to you since she is seeing you're happy now?
When i close my eye,i saw both of us but when i open my eye into the reality i saw both of you.Need or needless to close my eye to be with you?

Famous Last Word,
Well is it hard understanding
I'm incomplete
A life that's so demanding
I get so weak
A love that's so demanding
I can't speak

The All American Rejects !!
We are COMING ! ;)

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