Sunday, October 18

Happy Deepavali with TANU LETCHU~

Today went to Tanusia's house to celebrate deepavali ;) Here's all the pictures! haha,still lazy to study and why on earth all of you asking me about SPM?! whatever :D no fun no life,as long we enjoy.
me and keng yen
keng yen,tanu,germaine and amanda
Sonia and keng yen
me and sonia,it's been ages we didint camwhored together >.<
me and narresh aka "black pepper ducky"
keng yen's promoting LOL
That's yen yi ;)
She's high with fireworks!
This's MINE !
Sonia the pretty :)
As usual,we love to take turn and drive
Oh yeah,we TOOK videos ! MUST WATCH. It's lame BUT funny :) and we have the fun

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