Saturday, October 24

Better not ,everything just hopeless

You always teach me something right from wrong,i know im falling.Yes,all i could sense now is i feel it but i know i never get to achieve it.How speechless but that's the fact.This weird but it's what i've felt for you.You never get into all this kind of trouble and that's why you are happy more than i do.This kind a fear for feeling for you it will always remains here and always be everywhere else that we get along to.What's more to share about?Setting up all this trouble is because of this feelings.It's just a false hope in the end.Just happen to have this kind of weird feeling and you never stand up for me.I couldn't feel the same as you when you are smiling and all the laugther.I just could watch you time by time.It's fun to be by yourside but not to feel as you do.Everyday,waiting for a sign.To let me know, you might still want to be mind.My heart longs for you,my soul dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you.Rather for you to burn my captures with you.
Remains the same,oil and water.
I got a feeling that tonight it's gonna be a bad night.

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