Saturday, October 17

Class of 2009 :)

SMK Bukit Jalil Prom CHANGED TO CITITEL ! any further info do visit Wenqi blog :)
Hey people or readers :) I've got my driving lisence! Muahaha :P today was tired,yeah went to Mr.Lee there got gathering,then tonight go hari raya thingy.I just study chemistry until chapter 3 and ONLY touched chemistry.How sad but that's the fact we love studying but not SPM.
I love the camera as it's LOVE me too ;)
Mr.Lee is GAMBLING ! =O
Stephanie and cute carmen
Me and helen

Jing Leong a.k.a kanasai,Michelle and Min Chun
First time taking picture with Jing Leong
Aww,carmen and her love.So sweet.
Never took pictures with Mr.Lee before but just always mentioned about his homeworks and classes.Nah,this is him.He's a very good and smart science and mathematics teachers ;)

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