Friday, October 16

"History"here i come :)

My feelings to you is like WHOAAA !!
Wenqi,Randy,Boon Kyan,Chang Sing and Shi Zun come to my house and "study" hehe,you know :D My mom cook pasta,nuggets,red bean soup for them.Bet you all felt very full now :P and yeah now they heading for badminton and my mom don't allow me! Ishh,geram aku ini.There's we played alot :) we rather to have fun than studying and yeah that's how we love our life =]

My kinky's friend,Randy :)
My besties,Wen Qi
My Charming Prince,Boon Kyan
I love this shots for her.
Studying time :D boon hardly look at the book.His is our history babe.
Wen Qi so semangat sia.Chang Sing is our chemistry babe.
Then,we decided to take turn and drive !! Starting with Wen Qi,someone without lisence.Then,me the lousy driver.Changsing,the new driver.Randy,the scary driver ever.Unfortunately,i never ever sit in the car when boon's driving :(
Our only and ever passenger :] because he afraid his car kena >.<
Must wear my shade,because his eye send me electric *faint*
Puiyan's is ON THE ROAD :O
Haha,nice lehh? I can't wait to drive to school :D
The scary driver :P
Bblui take picture with bbchai :]
Her arms are scary ,sangat fragile
I'm HOT,so is my partner :)
Going to play games now ! Spm is so near,i need to catch up my sejarah,biology and chemistry
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