Saturday, October 10


Hey darlings,forget about all the previous posts.I know yea it's emo and it's like wtf."Money to buy love" Not funny but stupid.Okayy,stop it :]
Today,me and wenqi went to randy's house and we studied bio! Not bad,at least i did something on saturday huh.Next week,whoever wanna come to my house and study,you're welcome.We did camwhore! without make ups =P it's better than nothing LOL.
There the lady had arrived :)
It's so cute.
PuiYan,randy is HEARTLESS.
WenQi,stop that!Abusing.
Randy,Ahh.I'm not in America :)

Kaisheng best picture <3

Bye darling,tomrrow i have classes and courses to go.Loves

:( sighs.

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