Sunday, August 30


More to go.. love Pictures, Images and Photos
what's the matter of doing right but in the end got screwed.Hoping for more topics on going between this.And yeah,is always like this.These things just keep on repeating until i'm so sick of it but what to do,i already jump myself into the sea.My sights are getting blur and out of vision.For my mind,i'm mentally deoxygenated and really bad.Everything always come up at the same time which makes me more crazy and annoyed.

i did add maths for today,feels a little happy and satisfied compared to nothing at all.right?lol.I really need to do something about my bios,chem and history.Sort of don't know anything and my form 4 syllabus blank too.Only left like one more month as i don't study at all.

There's a funny picuture for you :D today i brought Twinkle to the pet salon and ..........etc.Both of the pictures can tell,,, :P *Big smileyy*
Something is PULLING ME BACK?i hope u are here to tell not to hint.Sooner or later something turns around and nothing goes wrong.
She has announcement ! Ring awayy,

i'll be back after trials babe

Gonna miss of all youuu to the MAX!

Happy birthday to Malaysia :D

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