Saturday, August 1

28 july | delayed post :D

Hey hey dear readers,sorry for the late post.Quite busy this few days.After this,i might be posting less as i really need to study for my SPM already :D This morning,i had already go to Nilai JPJ and listened 6hrs.I can drive soon.Yayyyy babe.
I need to do a big crash course for my biology,chemistry and sejarah as im weak at this subjects.
SPM is in 3 months more.*faint*
I don't want to ask what should i do anymore as there is no
Thanks to everyone who wished me for my birthday and thanks for all the gorgeous gifts.

It is pretty nice :)

Changsing*weird pose
ShiZun and Sarah
cute couple?

Wai Lun
Pn. Aida,her random face
Chun Haw
Chang Sing
Jason evil smile !
The Foong "siblings" jk hahah!
Me,jason and helen
cs and gong gong!
Shi Zun and me *ignore the back*
Gong Gong tak pernah makan!
that's how the guys minum.
eunice,me and cs *gong gong sibuk kat belakang*
Lol,nice pose bad effect.
I introduce u out new photographer suisui aka eunice's bf
*not in the pic*
bbchai lol.
me and kuan ngee
He sick already so that the he's not in mood
get well soon my friend.
Ketua Pengawas is singing =O
After everything was done.SuiSui and Eunice left us.Then,we walked to pasar malam.Yes,we walked.hehe.
While waiting others we went to The Store for air cond
and see what our Gong Gong did.
He and cs choosing what to buy and cook for us :D
btw he's really know which one is nice and cheap =X
no comment.
Ching Bin. Zi Yung
Me,jyelang,boonkyan and michelle
Watching indian makan pan mee with chopstick.
*not racist kayy*
Congratulations jonathan.
Way he use the chopsticks.
Nice pic,sei ching bin why u ruin it !!!!
Our daddy :D
Jonathan pravin is enjoying * chow tau fu *Ewwww,i don't dare to try.haha
That's all,beware smk bukit jalil student.Our school confirmed that there is two case of H1N1,im afraid too. Maybe not going to school on Monday. I takut kena >.<
Loads of loves.
PuiYan ;xoxo
i missssss youuuuuuuu.

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