Saturday, August 8

Growing Up Is Never Easy.

Today is a great Saturday.
I tag along with Cynthia to the Nilai JPJ and learn driving.
It was just awesome :D
I really can't wait to drive.
OMFG.i don't know that thurday is starting exam already and SPM trial is coming =.=
Oh,this is darn sick for me.
I always wanted to study but i end up loiterring at the malls or facing the computers.
Why is this so?is just having a good life-time.

During driving today,
An almost 80 years old chinese uncle taught me.He's super funny and my engine keep stops as usual for a newbies handling a manual car.
At the penjuru,my car knock down the "palang" ,super malu weiihhh.
He gave me all full marks except for the fucking penjuru.

I canceled this month Lee's maths tuition :O sorry teacher,i want to drive :P

`Why i felt the changes so much?
`i'll be a genius if i had learned the mistakes

It would be nice if something made sense for a change
Pretty Icons

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