Monday, August 10

August Lady

Happy Birthday to
Ms. Helen Sneha Jambunathan :)
`Goodluck in your SPM darl,you can do it and i knew you are always smart and cherish.

Sorry that did not wish you in school as i had been absent for 4days.LOL.
I prefer to stay at home.
btw,don't miss me so much.I'll be back by tomorrow with mask.Seriously,im afraid of death.HAHA.

Lee's speech today was making us feel guilty.Yeahh.We know.I knewww..that it was too late.
but like Jon said,Late better than Never.Well,today i did studied my biology for the first time but i only had revised like 3 pages?Got improrvement for so long being a SPM candidate.

"Sucks" at gossiping.DUH.good girl as usual. :D *see your face*

Hidden some speech,Just let it be,does'nt worth living with someone tagging along bad memories.

Always do your best and prepared for the worst

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