Saturday, August 29


I'M NOT B L I N D , you IDIOT !

listening; Candles-Hey Monday

Am dating with camera,

What do you wish for,it might be a MIRACLE ;D
Still not studying but went for shopping =X hehe,my mum tagged me along.So,i just keep quiet :P
I had bought some goodies as usual; tees,jeans,shorts
Ohh ohh,also bought some REVISION books.Sort of happy,but i lazy to revise.Maybe will do when last minute before the exam papers.It does looks good.I knew most of my friends are very hardworking and want to score well in this coming trial,LOL not like me.All the best :)

It would look good in like next year?or short hair =O
tak sampai hati want to cut my hair,hehe.

This is my Dinner :D
Thanks mum.
Blog too much LOL!

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