Wednesday, August 26


listening to,We Believe-Good Charlotte
Am back from lost.LOL!Is that supposed to be a compliment or what?wth,
Anyways.I'm happyyy but a little bit of sadness.
PASSED on THE ROAD! *claps*
FAILED for the SLOPE ! *cries*
Alright,this can be explained clearly.Cynthia's turn first.The car's tyres didn't reached to the yellow line so she given second chance.Then,is my turn.Im so nervous.So,i get into the darn car and start engine and etc etc.I released the clutch and press oil and i get to the peak of the slope and i managed to brake within the yellow line.Phew.This means i pass RIGHT?So,the JPJ said,"Ok,boleh teruskan!".Then,i i put first gear with clutch and press the oil until the car move den i release handbrake BUT I FORGOTTEN TO CONTINUE PRESS THE OIL !!!
Therefore,the car REVERSED! The JPJ showed up the RED CARD! -.-

I'm supposed tto pass BUT i forgotten to TEKAN MINYAK!

I was so down because i failed and i couldn't get to continue with parking and 3-point turns.*sobs* I called my mum and told her.SHE DON'T BELIEVE ME!She thought i was lying and said, " Aiya,pass already right?Don't play play lar!"

These makes me moody and don't bother to study for TRIALS!I'll get to the test again after the trials.
*Baby,please do rest more !Loves.

Take Care,

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