Sunday, August 23

Gotta get that.

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Sunday babe,lovely sunday,Yeahh right.I don't know why i'm kinda emo today then suddenly chun haw made me laughed like hell.Am doing my additional mathematics now.Owhh,i love add maths.Is fun counting the numbers and finding the unknowns.Like duhh.LOL :D

I feel weird and i hope i won't be trusting anyone anymore.I had learned loads about it while i'm growing up.Things wouldn't be so easy as how you wanted to.Just live happily and smile always is the best.Bbchai was accompany me since last week,i really appreciated it.He knew that i wasn't that happy around this week.Thanks :)
Mr.Yap Chun Haw aka Richard
Twins?lol he's really kinda high today.
Big Fatt Face

Then,i told him to redo every movement and actions and i caprtured them up and post it here babe and he GOT SHOCKED.
catch you lata...
Read this conversation.

Why people are happy while you are so down?and yet everyone success and you aren't?How come?Are you happy now?Do you feel better?


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