Saturday, August 15

J A M.

Photographer: Yenyi

Hello Saturday.
I woke up at 6am and go to the JPJ Nilai with Cynthia.I'm so unclucky because i've got an INSANE,RUDE AND IRRITATING instructor.
Once i got into the car,he started to scold me for nothing.Im not even sitted properly.I'm so pissed for that 2 hours.He never being quite and sincere to teach me how to drive even one minute.I just give him a fake smile ;) and he scolded me for smiling.
I feel like kicking him out from the car.I'M THE DRIVER! :P can you like respect people.
I really can't tahan him and i crash to the corner divider,to make him"panas baran" owww,he did and i just don't bother -.-
F.y.i ::: i want to study!!! yeah,since all the previous post.SHIT.

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