Sunday, August 16

Hello Morning.

Bad quality for my camera.Zipper dress,studded clincher and ballet point shoe.
Too free to take pictures :) At the moment,i stopped my ballet lessons for Spm. sobs!
MNG dress by him
Good Morning everyone :D

It's been long time that i skipped school.Just to finish all Lee's homework.There is really alot of it.Especially for add maths.So,i wake up and open the laptop and online.Then,chang sing online and sign in to msn and chat with me.Both of us was really bored.

Then,we go to and play was boring and this is it.I played chess with him and chor dai di.Keep on playing,playing and playing and chess is BORING !I'm not good at it.But chor di ..yeah!
I "thought" of studying .Two more weeks to go for our SPM trials and yet my mind still blank and never regret.

Goodluck to you changsing,tomorrow is your test drive :D*Gambateh*bathing time~~~
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