Thursday, August 20

Awesome Smileyys.

Thursday,i skipped school and so for tomorrow.Our school has h1n1 confirmed yet they didnt colose down the school.After this last holiday,i will be sitting for SPM trial.Good Luck for me yea.So,yesterday i went to school and we took tones of pictures,is like everyone seems to be not bother about SPM anymore.
How do you feel when you are being in a relationship?
I hope everything is doing fine.
A smile a day keep the sadness away
After editing them :D
Randy Oh "la la"
Look at gong gong! so yeng gehhh .
Hot? Cute?...Boon
Bad self timer :D hehe
Pik Ee " Canggih "
This is shocking! Behind our class had this kementerian pictures and name,
and this looks familiar...LIKE Mr.Ng
Mok and Benjamin Tong.Looks so wrong :O
Me and my gor.
Michelle ! Why are you posing like this??
Fish ball also want to take picture.
Leng zai posing.
Lol,stupid reaction.
Wai Luen macam sedang tidur
Arghhh,This is errr...=X
Statue Of ??
Look at jason -.-
Satu Malaysia. LOL!
We decided to camwhore more with LALA pose :)
Even,jonathan is LALA
Aren't we cute?
Not bad.
Jonathan ! Enough.
Can You see me?
Jovie hearts.
Look at JONATHAN face !
Fake smile
The big eye!
Gong gong kung fu
Pelajar yang terbaik.
Additional Mathematics
Next Top Model.
So Professional,
The End.
How are you doing my dear?
i Miss You.Heart Pictures, Images and Photos
More than words to describe youuu.

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