Friday, November 27

3D katon!

Yesterday 271109 ,
me with my family went to The Curve and watched A christmas carol.Woke up early int he morning at 10.30am :( *sleepy* and get ready with my sis.
We started to eat breakfast or lunch?erm,at the manhanttan fish market.
Yes,biology in two more days and i don't know a single thing because i never listen to teacher :P
This is Pui Yee :)
Pui See my youngest happy fun sis.
black and white
The decoration for christmas,
i can celebrate xmas YES,means spm dahh over for me!
I saw metallic grey-ish and purple balls :P
Cute bears along the decoration :D
right time to take picture ;)
I touched :P horse.
Hey little cupid,over here :)
make me !
kami sangat letih ;O
My sis told me something funny about this picture,
boob sticking -.-
i like,, uhhhh?
Yum-chaaaa dulu.
PUiYee! stop taking picture of me reading books.
Reached my aunt shop and i CAMWHORE-DD
It's 5.20pm ,time getting our footsteps to the cinema,
and watch
Starting with this guy who is very selfish and never gives his penny to the poor one,he never believes in CHRISTMAS.He is an OLD GUY.Whenever he walks out to the town,people and kids see him like NAMPAK! *he's like an evil man to the town* He lost his working partner 7 years ago due to some incident.
He lives in a huge mansion ALL ALONE without lights and people.That night xmas eve,he was resting on his own couch and suddenly his partner friend with the spirit come and haunt him telling him that if he never believe in xmas and save the poor one,he willl get into big trouble where all the black spirits who had died and lost direction will haunt him forever.Indeed,he still not afraid and dont' believe in xmas.His "friend" pull him to the window and he saw all the lost spirits are flying around the town with big metal block hanging with chains.They died and regret because never help the poor one when they were alive......then......HAHA,you watched in the cinema with 3D for better view system ;)
She fell asleep halfway through the story *wasted*
PUI YAN ! :)
The sky already dark and i know the lightings will be very beautiful :)
We stand and waited there for the *artificial snow* which is FOAM lol,
You may go there only at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on 27th and 28th nov
If i'm not mistaken,never really cares.
She lagi hyper than me LOL.
It's " SNOWING " hahah.
darn dirty weiih,it's soap.
"SNOW flakes on my beanie"HAHA.
Kissing the bubble foam !
Have a bubbly christmas babe.
Remember next month get me pressie.
I miss you i miss youuuuu.
Biology times :)

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